I want to fulfill my dream – Md Kayeas Ahmed


Report: Md Kayeas Ahmed

Md Kayeas Ahmed, From Harigati Village, Kalmakanda, Netrakona

I want to fulfill my dream,

People dream – I dream too.

People cannot live without dreams. Dreams are usually of two types. One of which is the normal dream, which we see in our sleep.

But there is another kind of dream, which is the dream of growing up, the dream of doing something good in life.

.This dream guides our lives. For example – the dream of becoming a doctor, pilot, engineer, businessman, teacher, leader, etc.

[[‘’ Dreams are not what people see when they are asleep

Dreams are what keep people awake. ”

Dr. APJ ..Abdul Kalam.]]

I am also a person ! who does not fall asleep very easily, it is very difficult to sleep.

I spend a lot of time thinking about anything, days are spent thinking and night is coming.

But my thoughts do not end, new thoughts begin before one thought ends.

I keep thinking about how, I will find a way to fulfill my dream.

There is a beautiful saying in the Bible – He who believes lives.

He who believes , that his dream will come true and works- for it will reach his goal. I dream of doing many things, I try to make this dream a reality and I work hard.

William Langloid says – where there is no hard work there is no success.

So there are some things that need to be done to make the dream a reality.

I also want to work hard according to my plan with my goal and purpose.

By fulfilling my dream I want to come forward. with the cooperation of all my family, friends, relatives, neighbors and countrymen.

I wish one day many people would be able to make a living through me.

.How to take Bangladesh forward as one of the developing countries.

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I have been a believer in creative work since childhood, I always try to be creative by using my intellect.

like to learn something new, I can learn something I like very easily.

I have been away from work that everyone can do and work hard, since childhood.


Md Kayeas Ahmed
Md Kayeas Ahmed

.When I was a kid, when we first got electricity here, I used to see how electricity works.

A switch board has many cables of one color, but I didn’t know where to put so many.

Then the question arises in my mind how to put these. .Although I asked many questions, no one was right.

I was told I would not understand, but I used to do a lot of things with a small battery …

I have been doing my own work , since there was solar power in the house, now why can’t I do the work of electricity.

Then I did my own housework in the first place, letting all my relatives know if there is any problem, starting from installing bulp in their house.

In the houses of all the neighbors, I have started working on electricity.

.Then I wish I could study electrical. When I passed the JSC examination from Bakaljora Nayapara High School,

after passing my village school, Ajgara Government Primary School, wished to be admitted in the technical school in the city, my brother encouraged me as he said .

interested in this work so  can do better if  study here.

admitted to Netrokona Government Technical School and College ” in my district town in the ninth grade,  did not understand the difference between welding and wiring.

Details …. [email protected] .


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