Md Kayeas Ahmed’s childhood story

Md Kayeas Ahmed
Md Kayeas Ahmed

Md Kayeas Ahmed,

He was born on 22nd January 2002 in Harigati village in Kalmakanda upazila of Netrokona district in Bangladesh.

Harigati village is located in the 8th Kailati Union Parishad of the upazila.

.In the 1st ward, the place is known as Shikar-Kuri.

However, the place is known by this name because of his grandfather (Haji Md. Dhalu Mandal).

Was a humanitarian philanthropist and one of the bravest people in the area.

.One day during the reign of the king, the queen was coming to hunt birds, then there ..  (Details)

Md Kayeas Ahmed

Md Kayeas Ahmed’s father Md. AH Gani, mother- Mosha: Nur-Nahar, grandfather- Haji Md. AH Hakim Maral.

She is the 5th of her 6 siblings,

.One of his siblings is married to three younger sisters.

Big Brother is one of the small to medium sized businessmen.

All the responsibilities in the family are with his brother.

However, Kayeas will take all the responsibilities of the world when he grows up dreaming of everyone including his parents.

Md Kayeas Ahmed

She passed fifth class in 2013 from Ajgara Government Primary School, 1 km away from home.

.His favorite sir there was Pankaj Sir, he had to say goodbye to the school one day.

Later on the banks of the river Someshwari,

Runa Akhter, her younger sister, came to Nayapara High School in Bakaljora after enrolling in six class

Kayeas Ahmed has been a quiet boy since then and did not like to get involved in any trouble from a young age.

I would love to have all my friends at school.

During Tiffin, everyone would walk away from the classroom. And he would sit quietly in one corner of the class… everyone would play and he would barely think of anything else.

His thinking was different from everyone else’s, he had no end of many thoughts on any subject from his childhood.

However, the simple-minded boy crosses the river 2/3 km away from home every day to go to school with his friends.

He had many classmates going to school,

Among them was a boy named Shant who used to come and go from his house every day.

Before Kayeas Ahmed grandfather / grandfather died, it was Shant’s mother’s responsibility to look after them.

That’s why they had a different relationship.

When Kayeas was in seventh grade, he was asked to buy an English grammar book, as Sir had said.

After collecting money with great difficulty, he bought the book from the market and came home and left the book in front of him.

When he got a little sleep, he turned the book upside down and fell asleep with his teeth in the book.

The next day he is sitting quietly to take me to school, he can go very early in the morning and he can’t sit in front.

I got ready very quickly and went to school.

.During Tiffin, I went to everyone’s favorite sweet shop in the market and ate Singara worth 5 rupees and started drinking water, then suddenly the bell rang. Kayesh went away to class again.

After the holiday, everyone left, but Kayesh was sitting on one side and crying, then he calmed down and said why are you crying?

He said that the book I bought yesterday is now a knife.


But if his name was not written in the book then how can I get it.


.Then he said calmly, you are not crying, I promised to take out the book, let’s go home.


The next day, Kayesh did not go to school.


.He then told the boy’s mother how he got the book and also told the boy but no one agreed.


Kayeas Ahmed then told Shantar that I bought the book and put it in front of me.


Then at the beginning of the page I had some tooth marks.


The next day calm down .. (next lesson)


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