MyKaif ‘s Facebook Live is the scariest home in Italy

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Allah has created the jinn and man for his worship. Gene has created the earth with fire and man. Anyone who denies the creation of jinn will be considered a disbeliever.

Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): Verily, he and his party see you in a place where you cannot see them. Surah A’raf: Verse 26

The jinn will also go to paradise like human beings.
In this world, just like humans, there are jinns and living places which are abandoned places, forests and desolate abandoned toilets! These genes are present everywhere in the world.

Like every time, this time MyKaiF is going to capture,  the video from one of the scariest places in Italy and promote it live on Facebook.
Many of you may wonder, why there are so many abandoned places in Europe!

The reason is that Europe is huge, it can be understood by looking at the map! Even though Bangladesh is a small country, the population is about 21 crores.

And even though Italy is several times bigger than Bangladesh, the population is only 6 crores and in Germany it is only 6 crores!

When many old people die here, their home becomes an abandoned place where the jinn live.
And those places become very difficult to find later. Because they become completely forbidden or restricted places.

So no ordinary person can enter there, even then the paranormal team of Europe or MyKaiF, the son of Bangladesh, has been going to those places and recording videos – since April 2021.

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Again from such a place on Facebook Live –


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