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Save the Animals of Susang, a voluntary organization for the protection of environment and wildlife in Durgapur

Save the Animals of Susang, a voluntary organization for the protection of environment and wildlife in Durgapur

Save the Animals of Susang, a voluntary organization for the protection of environment and wildlife in Durgapur

Md Kayeas Ahmed,
Netrakona Representative:

.Save the Animals of Susang, a voluntary organization for the protection of environment and wildlife in Durgapur, Netrokona, received a special award for its continuous work in protecting the environment. .Newcomer Deputy Commissioner Anjana Khan Majlis handed over the crest of honor to the members of the organization at a function held at the Deputy Commissioner’s Hall on the occasion of World Environment Day.

.Additional Deputy Commissioner (Overall) Monir Hossain presided over the function while Assistant Director of District Environment Department Parvez Ahmed, Additional Superintendent of Police Sadar Mursheda Khatun, District Fire Service and Deputy Assistant Director of Civil Defense Mohammad were presentMamun, Netrokona Press Club General Secretary Mukhlesur Rahman Khan, Barsik District Regional Coordinator Ahidul Rahman and others.
.Prizes were awarded among the winners of several categories including a drawing competition on the occasion of Environment Day in collaboration with NGO Barsik. .This year, they selected two organizations, including Save the Animals of Susang, for their special contributions to environmental protection. The crest was later awarded in recognition of the eco-friendliness. .Rifat Ahmed Russell, President of Save the Animals of Susang, Anisul Haque Sumon, Joint General Secretary and Sushant Prasad, Organizing Secretary received the Crest of Honor on behalf of the organization.

.Volunteers from Save the Animals Susang have been working on the environment and wildlife of the hill Susang for a long time. Since 2020, he has rescued innumerable rare species of animals from the locality and released them in the forest again. .In the last two and a half years, the organization has been carrying out a total of 23 rescue operations. Among them are 7 pythons, 7 rare species of shy monkeys, Sandhi tortoises, fish tiger cubs, gandhagokuls and many other species of animals

Father-in-law killed by son-in-law in Mymensingh

Md Kayeas Ahmed
  • Own correspondent, Mymensingh:              Md Kayeas Ahmed.

Four killers were arrested within ,

10 hours of the Mymensingh Maskanda murder.

Kotwali police arrested them from Madhupur area of ​​Tarakanda.

The arrested are-

1. Anish Ahmed,

2. Md. Saddam,

3. .Montaz Ali and,

4. Ranu Begum.

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According to police and local sources, a love affair has been going on for the last few years with Prabasi Osman,

son of Anwar Hossain, and Taslima, daughter of Rafiqul Islam.

They are cousins ​​about two. To deepen their love affair, the expatriate boyfriend also sent gifts and cash to his mother Ranu Begum’s invisible lover from abroad.

Osman returned to the country and demanded the marriage of Taslima with the consent of his family.

If both their families do not agree, they run away and get married last Ramadan.

Within a few days of the marriage, everyone accepted the marriage, but Osman’s mother Ranu Begum did not accept it.

Md Kayeas Ahmed ‘s initiative to catch online fraudsters

Ranu Begum was threatening her younger sister’s husband Rafiqul Islam in various ways.

There is a quarrel going on between them.

When Rafiqul Islam went to a tea shop on Maskanda High School Road last Sunday evening,

Osman’s mother Ranu Begum grabbed his clothes and started dragging and beating him.

When news of Rafiqul Islam’s quarrel with his younger sister’s son-in-law reached Ranu Begum,

Ranu Begum’s younger brother Anish, Saddam, Manik and Baba Montaz Ali along with others brought knives and stabbed Rafiqul Islam to death.

Badal, the brother of the deceased, filed a case No. 75, Tang 23/5/22 at Kotwali Model Police St

MyKaif ‘s Facebook Live is the scariest home in Italy

my kaif
kaif khan

Allah has created the jinn and man for his worship. Gene has created the earth with fire and man. Anyone who denies the creation of jinn will be considered a disbeliever.

Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): Verily, he and his party see you in a place where you cannot see them. Surah A’raf: Verse 26

The jinn will also go to paradise like human beings.
In this world, just like humans, there are jinns and living places which are abandoned places, forests and desolate abandoned toilets! These genes are present everywhere in the world.

Like every time, this time MyKaiF is going to capture,  the video from one of the scariest places in Italy and promote it live on Facebook.
Many of you may wonder, why there are so many abandoned places in Europe!

The reason is that Europe is huge, it can be understood by looking at the map! Even though Bangladesh is a small country, the population is about 21 crores.

And even though Italy is several times bigger than Bangladesh, the population is only 6 crores and in Germany it is only 6 crores!

When many old people die here, their home becomes an abandoned place where the jinn live.
And those places become very difficult to find later. Because they become completely forbidden or restricted places.

So no ordinary person can enter there, even then the paranormal team of Europe or MyKaiF, the son of Bangladesh, has been going to those places and recording videos – since April 2021.

  1. Student Dies after Getting Electrocuted in Durgapur
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Again from such a place on Facebook Live –

I want to fulfill my dream – Md Kayeas Ahmed

Md Kayeas Ahmed
Md Kayeas Ahmed

Report: Md Kayeas Ahmed

Md Kayeas Ahmed, From Harigati Village, Kalmakanda, Netrakona

I want to fulfill my dream,

People dream – I dream too.

People cannot live without dreams. Dreams are usually of two types. One of which is the normal dream, which we see in our sleep.

But there is another kind of dream, which is the dream of growing up, the dream of doing something good in life.

.This dream guides our lives. For example – the dream of becoming a doctor, pilot, engineer, businessman, teacher, leader, etc.

[[‘’ Dreams are not what people see when they are asleep

Dreams are what keep people awake. ”

Dr. APJ ..Abdul Kalam.]]

I am also a person ! who does not fall asleep very easily, it is very difficult to sleep.

I spend a lot of time thinking about anything, days are spent thinking and night is coming.

But my thoughts do not end, new thoughts begin before one thought ends.

I keep thinking about how, I will find a way to fulfill my dream.

There is a beautiful saying in the Bible – He who believes lives.

He who believes , that his dream will come true and works- for it will reach his goal. I dream of doing many things, I try to make this dream a reality and I work hard.

William Langloid says – where there is no hard work there is no success.

So there are some things that need to be done to make the dream a reality.

I also want to work hard according to my plan with my goal and purpose.

By fulfilling my dream I want to come forward. with the cooperation of all my family, friends, relatives, neighbors and countrymen.

I wish one day many people would be able to make a living through me.

.How to take Bangladesh forward as one of the developing countries.

Netrakona Live


I have been a believer in creative work since childhood, I always try to be creative by using my intellect.

like to learn something new, I can learn something I like very easily.

I have been away from work that everyone can do and work hard, since childhood.


Md Kayeas Ahmed
Md Kayeas Ahmed

.When I was a kid, when we first got electricity here, I used to see how electricity works.

A switch board has many cables of one color, but I didn’t know where to put so many.

Then the question arises in my mind how to put these. .Although I asked many questions, no one was right.

I was told I would not understand, but I used to do a lot of things with a small battery …

I have been doing my own work , since there was solar power in the house, now why can’t I do the work of electricity.

Then I did my own housework in the first place, letting all my relatives know if there is any problem, starting from installing bulp in their house.

In the houses of all the neighbors, I have started working on electricity.

.Then I wish I could study electrical. When I passed the JSC examination from Bakaljora Nayapara High School,

after passing my village school, Ajgara Government Primary School, wished to be admitted in the technical school in the city, my brother encouraged me as he said .

interested in this work so  can do better if  study here.

admitted to Netrokona Government Technical School and College ” in my district town in the ninth grade,  did not understand the difference between welding and wiring.

Details …. [email protected] .

Student Dies after Getting Electrocuted in Durgapur


Md Kayeas Ahmed

Durgapur (Netrokona) Representative:

A college student named Maruf Hasan (20) died after being electrocuted in Netrokona’s Durgapur.

The incident took place at Nagpur village of Kakairgarh union on Wednesday morning. Maruf Hasan, a member of the area. Youngest son of Rafiqul Islam. The deceased Maruf Hasan passed HSC from Susang Government College.

According to local and family sources, Maruf was electrocuted in front of his house in the morning when he took the fan out of the house to clean rice dust and dirt.

Family members immediately rescued him and took him to Durgapur Upazila Health Complex, where the on-duty doctor declared him dead. The death of the son has cast a shadow of mourning over the family. .Later in the afternoon, after the janaza at Laxmipur Madrasa ground, burial will be held at the family graveyard


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Md Kayeas Ahmed’s childhood story

Md Kayeas Ahmed
Md Kayeas Ahmed

Md Kayeas Ahmed,

He was born on 22nd January 2002 in Harigati village in Kalmakanda upazila of Netrokona district in Bangladesh.

Harigati village is located in the 8th Kailati Union Parishad of the upazila.

.In the 1st ward, the place is known as Shikar-Kuri.

However, the place is known by this name because of his grandfather (Haji Md. Dhalu Mandal).

Was a humanitarian philanthropist and one of the bravest people in the area.

.One day during the reign of the king, the queen was coming to hunt birds, then there ..  (Details)

Md Kayeas Ahmed

Md Kayeas Ahmed’s father Md. AH Gani, mother- Mosha: Nur-Nahar, grandfather- Haji Md. AH Hakim Maral.

She is the 5th of her 6 siblings,

.One of his siblings is married to three younger sisters.

Big Brother is one of the small to medium sized businessmen.

All the responsibilities in the family are with his brother.

However, Kayeas will take all the responsibilities of the world when he grows up dreaming of everyone including his parents.

Md Kayeas Ahmed

She passed fifth class in 2013 from Ajgara Government Primary School, 1 km away from home.

.His favorite sir there was Pankaj Sir, he had to say goodbye to the school one day.

Later on the banks of the river Someshwari,

Runa Akhter, her younger sister, came to Nayapara High School in Bakaljora after enrolling in six class

Kayeas Ahmed has been a quiet boy since then and did not like to get involved in any trouble from a young age.

I would love to have all my friends at school.

During Tiffin, everyone would walk away from the classroom. And he would sit quietly in one corner of the class… everyone would play and he would barely think of anything else.

His thinking was different from everyone else’s, he had no end of many thoughts on any subject from his childhood.

However, the simple-minded boy crosses the river 2/3 km away from home every day to go to school with his friends.

He had many classmates going to school,

Among them was a boy named Shant who used to come and go from his house every day.

Before Kayeas Ahmed grandfather / grandfather died, it was Shant’s mother’s responsibility to look after them.

That’s why they had a different relationship.

When Kayeas was in seventh grade, he was asked to buy an English grammar book, as Sir had said.

After collecting money with great difficulty, he bought the book from the market and came home and left the book in front of him.

When he got a little sleep, he turned the book upside down and fell asleep with his teeth in the book.

The next day he is sitting quietly to take me to school, he can go very early in the morning and he can’t sit in front.

I got ready very quickly and went to school.

.During Tiffin, I went to everyone’s favorite sweet shop in the market and ate Singara worth 5 rupees and started drinking water, then suddenly the bell rang. Kayesh went away to class again.

After the holiday, everyone left, but Kayesh was sitting on one side and crying, then he calmed down and said why are you crying?

He said that the book I bought yesterday is now a knife.


But if his name was not written in the book then how can I get it.


.Then he said calmly, you are not crying, I promised to take out the book, let’s go home.


The next day, Kayesh did not go to school.


.He then told the boy’s mother how he got the book and also told the boy but no one agreed.


Kayeas Ahmed then told Shantar that I bought the book and put it in front of me.


Then at the beginning of the page I had some tooth marks.


The next day calm down .. (next lesson)


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